key features

The key features which make the winter wizard salt spreader standout from its competitors are as follows:-

Being front mounted and having a forward spread pattern is desirable in a number of ways:-

  • Gives weight to the front wheels and adds traction
  • Forward spreads and therefore the salt/sand/grit is already having an effect on the snow and ice before the forklift drives on the surface
  • Forward spreads - the salt/sand/grit gives extra traction
  • By forward spreading the operator has a better vision of where they are spreading and therefore doesn't need to turn around in their seat

Utilising the company's proven Pozi-feed auger system makes this spreader very flexible to use and maintain:-

  • Ability to spread all types of salt sand and grit, wet or dry
  • No daily maintenance required just an annual service
  • Stainless steel augers running in nylon bushes have an exceptional life expectancy

Basic no nonsense controls are an essential requirement:-

  • Minimal operator training
  • Makes the machine very easy to operate

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Front mounted helps with manoeuvrability, adds weight to the driven wheels as well as spreads salt forward to increase traction

Can spread all types of salt wet or dry - brown or white, using Vales own pozi-feed auger system which requires only minimal maintenance and no daily maintenance

Has easy to use controls for simple operation with minimal training required