Forklift Compatibility

Is your forklift compatible?

We have found that very few forklift trucks aren't already suitable or can't be made compatible for "the winter wizard."

"The Winter Wizard" is hydraulically driven from the forklift trucks hydraulics; it can take power in a number of ways.

  1. Via a free service valve which is currently unused on the forklift truck - operation of the winter wizard would be achieved by engaging and disengaging the service valve
  2. By fitting quick release connectors to the side shift ram and using the hydraulic power from the side shift function, operation of the winter wizard would be achieved by engaging and disengaging the side shift service valve

To produce the maximum spread width a hydraulic oil flow of 11 litres per minute is required, if your fork lift truck doesn't produce a flow as high as this then the spread width would be reduced - However 11 litres per minute is quite low, most forklift trucks produce more than this. If your forklift produces more than 11 litres per minute, the extra flow above 11 litres per minute is diverted off in the winter wizard's hydraulic system before it reaches the spreading disc and auger motors and goes back around into the forklift truck hydraulic system via the return pipe

The winter wizard isn't supplied with any quick release type fittings simply because of the large amount available on the market. These need to be matched against the ones fitted by your forklift truck supplier.

This is a simple PDF you can present to your forklift truck supplier to help them fit your winter wizard.

Forklift Compatibility

Can be used with most types of forklift, front end loader and telescopic handler with little or no modification

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