Winter Wizard – The Design Criteria

The criteria was simple:-

  • Must not be towable - as they are tricky to manoeuvre in tight confined areas
  • Must be able to spread all types of salt and grit from free running white salt to wet salt/sand mix - a big problem with most cone shaped hoppers which easily block and bridge
  • Must be able to spread at low speeds and on icy surfaces - a problem experienced with ground driven machines
  • Must be able to control the spreading action from the operators platform - safety and salt usage is very important
  • Must be a quality build but at a justifiable price to business owners - previous spreaders marketed by others have been cheap but have never work correctly costing time, money and STRESS
  • Must be simple and cost effective to maintain
  • Ideally front mounted - as will give extra weight and traction
  • Ideally a wide spread - ability to treat large areas quickly and effectively
  • Electrical components should only be used as a last resort - electrical motors / plugs and switches are easily damaged by salty water.

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Has high quality components and finish. It only utilises reliable hydraulic power to power the spreading system

Front mounted helps with manoeuvrability, adds weight to the driven wheels as well as spreads salt forward to increase traction
Can spread all types of salt wet or dry - brown or white, using Vales own pozi-feed auger system which requires only minimal maintenance and no daily maintenance
Has easy to use controls for simple operation with minimal training required